We connect your employees over lunch.

Networking employees across your business.

Breaking down boundaries between departments.
Creating new contact points between departments.

Improving information flow within the organisation.
Supporting cultural change projects in organisations.

How it works

1. Registration

Employees register on the online portal by selecting their department and when they are free for lunch.

2. Shuffling

Our intelligent algorithm allocates employees to one or several lunch partners and sends them an invite e-mail.

3. Mystery Lunch

Employees are exposed to new ways of thinking and get an understanding of different parts of the business.


All of the components of your personalised Mystery Lunch:


Select your own organisational structure.


Define your preferences for optimised networking.


Design your company branded registration page.


Allow each participant to select his or her participation settings.


Feel safe with our secure web-hosting service.


Analyse the success of your company's Mystery Lunch with pre-configured reportings.

You can use our Mystery Lunch system also as Networking Lunch, Lunch Roulette, Virtual Networking or Mystery Coffee

Companies using Mystery Lunch

Deuthsche Post DHL
Deutsche Bundesbank
Deutsche Flugsicherung
Mondi Group
Quadriga Media
Die Bayerische


  • Michaela Matus

    "Mystery Lunch resonates very positively with our employees, who enjoy the possibility to expand one's network within the company and to get to know familiar faces outside of the daily work routine. Mystery Lunch offers a great platform for relaxed and interesting conversations."

    Michaela Matus, Personalentwicklung - die Bayerische, München
  • Jutta Lohkamp

    "We have received lots of positive feedback for introducing Mystery Lunch. The responses confirm that we have made a step into the right direction by connecting employees using the principle of serendipity. We are especially delighted to hear from our employees how Mystery Lunch has improved the informal knowledge exchange within the corporation and even facilitated new friendships."

    Jutta Lohkamp, Digital Communications Manager - Deutsche Post DHL Group, Bonn
  • Niklas Hemmann

    "The new contacts which our employees have made through Mystery Lunch have been very helpful for cooperation on interdepartmental processes. The serendipitous nature of the Mystery Lunch platform always generates interesting meetups between colleagues who would not normally go to lunch together. Mystery Lunch has proven to be a very exciting and creative platform for Payback."

    Niklas Hemmann, Marketing - PAYBACK, München
  • Poggemoeller

    "Mystery Lunch is a brilliant tool which allows people in companies to get to know each other in a simple and informal setting. Mystery Lunch breaks down departmental boundaries to be transcended."

    Hanno Poggemoeller, Change Management / Workshop & Event Moderation
  • Cecilie Justesen

    "It can be really difficult to meet new people from different business areas, unless I get involved in a project with them. Mystery Lunch has been the perfect solution for this! I'm meeting new people, but also getting to know others through them."

    Cecilie Justesen, Business Manager, Legal - Telefónica Digital, London
  • Ulrike Bünn

    "The experience of getting to know colleagues at various different stages in their careers is both interesting and enriching. Mystery Lunch is a brilliant example of how learning in companies can be fun."

    Ulrike Bünn, Processes & Efficiencies - Telefónica Germany, München
  • Brian Foley

    "You can choose to go for a full lunch together or simply grab a coffee and have a chat. I never knew we were doing so much as a company... Can't wait to have my next one."

    Brian Foley, O2 Media - Telefónica Ireland, Dublin


Deutsche Startups
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Bayern 2
Career Builder
Best Practice Business
s.m.a.r.t Management Consulting
Hamburger Abendblatt
HR Performance 5/2016,
Süddeutsche Zeitung
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Why should my company use Mystery Lunch?

Many Organizations are dominated by silo mentality: departments collaborate inefficient, exchange across teams and hierarchies is missing, and employees don’t know about the responsibilities of other divisions. Mystery Lunch connects your employees over lunch and supports the creation of new connections, what ultimately reduces barriers between departments. Colleagues can expand their network and learn more about the company. New perspectives are an important basis for innovation.

How many participants does a Mystery Lunch usually have?

Every company decides how many colleagues will meet. The most common set up is the lunch for two. Some companies offer group lunches for three or four participants.

I’m not sure if my employees will join...

In most cases the interest of employees is far more greater than expected. On average between 10 and 30 percent of employees in a company will sign up. As part of the roll-out we also offer advise on how to communicate the program most efficiently. (Here you can view a list of clients whose employees profit from Mystery Lunch.)

Why should my employees work during their lunch break?

Every employee is free to decide if he wants to expand his network and learn more about other departments. Also, your employees are likely to talk about what they are interested in during a Mystery Lunch. They can still decide entirely how they want to spend their lunch break.

How can the company review the results of Mystery Lunch?

Mystery Lunch supports the idea of an open and innovative corporate culture. This includes giving employees enough freedom and creative leeway. Monitoring about behavior or performance will of course not be executed. On a regular basis we provide reportings including the total amount of participants. Furthermore, we support your evaluation of positive changes resulting from the implantation of Mystery Lunch, by conducting surveys on a voluntary basis.

Does it have to be lunch?

No. The important part is the idea of networking and getting to know someone new. To achieve this goal your colleagues can also meet for a mystery coffee or walking meeting. We also offer a solution for virtual exchange between different sites and countries. (Groups of different departments can also meet for a brainstorming session to gain more perspectives on a problem.)

How do I know if Mystery Lunch works?

To this day more than 50 companies are using our platform and a total of more than 10.000 employees have participated in a Mystery Lunch. You can read (in German) about the positive experiences of our clients here and here.

How does the matching process work?

Our intelligent algorithm matches colleagues of different divisions. To assure your employees get to know as many new departments as possible, configurations specified for your company are implemented. Additional variables such as interests, language or hierachy level can be integrated into the matching algorithm.

What is the pricing of Mystery Lunch?

The service is charged on a monthly basis, depending on the number of employees or alternativly actie participants. The set-up itself is usually free of any charges. Feel free to contact usn for a concrete proposal.

Can we test Mystery Lunch?

You can request a trial / pilot for up to 20 participants free of charge. For more information please contact us here.

What technical requirements are needed to use Mystery Lunch?

Your employees just need an Internet connection, a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, but if possible any other browser! ;-)) and an email-address. We kept the registration and participation process simple and easy to use.

What efforts are required to launch Mystery Lunch at our company?

You join in on the established and reliable structures of our Mystery Lunch platform. To ensure the system meets your standards and ideas, we develop an individual concept with your collaboration. Followed by this we need information about the organizational structure and the corporate design as well as your feedback about the phrasing on your individual Mystery Lunch website.

To ensure an optimal launch, we offer consulting about the development of material for marketing uses and internal communication.

What efforts are required to maintain Mystery Lunch?

After the setup and internal communication no other specific resources are needed from your side. Your employees can directly contact our customer service if they have any questions about the matching process, holidays or changes of their configurations.

What about data privacy?

We treat your data with state-of-the-art security standards and have implemented common measures for data security. All data to the system is transferred over a secure SSL/TLS 1.2.-connection. The data center is located in Germany and underlies strict legal privacy regulations. To fixate the security of your data contractually, we on request issue a data protection contract in line with the Federal Data Proction Act.


We are three entrepreneurs from Austria, Germany and Ireland and formed TheInnerCrowd in 2013 in Munich, Germany. We help organisations to empower their employees to work more effectively by supporting the company's need for internal change through networking, creative methods, modern tools and technology.


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